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From the Social Equity Caucus Yahoo group:

Hi all. My name is Shanthi Gonzales and I'm a newly-elected Oakland School Board member and a strong supporter of public education.

I want to share an opportunity with you all to help shape the implementation of OUSD's strategic plan. Please see below, and thank you for considering this. Please share with any folks you know in Oakland that care about our public schools.

Thanks, Shanthi Gonzales Oakland School Board member-elect


Friends -

Last week an important opportunity opened up to shape the future of Oakland schools. Oakland's Superintendent, Antwan Wilson, is forming three committees that will give input into the implementation of Oakland's strategic plan, Pathway to Excellence.

These three committees will work in the following areas: Effective Talent Programs (recruitment, retention, professional development), Accountable School District (improvement of data systems to better inform district decision-making), and Quality Schools (directing increased support to the district's priority schools).

I strongly urge you to consider serving on one of these committees. We need more Oaklanders who are committed to inclusive public schools, where parent voices matter, to be involved in shaping the implementation of the strategic plan.

The time commitment is about six months, for participation in about 10 meetings.

Here is the (very brief) form to fill out if you are interested in serving on one of these committees. The deadline to apply is January 15 at 5 pm.

Thank you for considering this important role, and please share this email with other Oaklanders that you think would be great for this opportunity.

Shanthi Gonzales Oakland School Board Director-Elect

Elections 2014 Review: Hydra, Katherine, Noelani, Rachel, & Thelma Elected to School Boards

BE PROUD: First time in our FWN herstory, FWN members and FWN100™ Awardees who ran during the November 2014 cycle - for assembly representatives, district judge, city councils and school board elections all WON their seats.  This is just the beginning - watch these amazing women RISE!  Drum roll, please.

Hydra Mendoza

Hydra Mendoza

Hydra Mendoza, US FWN100™ '09, re-elected to the San Francisco School Board for the 3rd time. The last two terms, Hydra championed improving academic standards, increased parent engagement, and brought technology into the classrooms.  She has also built critical coalitions and collaborations between the community and education leaders to advance San Francisco students.  Way to go, Hydra!




Katherine Zarate Dulany

Katherine Zarate Dulany

Katherine Zarate Dulany, Founding FWN Board Member 2002, was re-elected to her post in the Jefferson Union High School District School Board serving the Daly City, Pacifica, Brisbane, Colma, and Broadmoor communities.  The last seven years, she championed modernizing school facilities, raised school safety and student achievement - her own personal commitment to providing access to quality education for all of students. Way to go, Katherine!

Noelani Sallings

Noelani Sallings

First time candidate Noelani Sallings, was elected as the first Filipina American in the Santa Clara Unified School District and in the city of Santa Clara.  She wants to "inject music and arts in [the] STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) programs creating a well rounded student through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & music, and math) education." Congratulations, Noelani!

Rachel Puno Juliana

Rachel Puno Juliana

Rachel Puno Juliana was elected to the West Windsor-Plainsboro school board to continue her public service. She was appointed to the board unanimously to fill the seat of late Yibao Xu. Before she moved to New Jersey, Rachel was elected to the Jefferson Union High School District School Board. Her professional background as an attorney will be a valuable asset to the board. Way to go, Rachel!

Thelma Boac

Thelma Boac

Thelma Boac, US FWN100™ '07, was re-elected to the Berryessa Union School District Board.  She's committed to improving student performance at all levels and to make sure all students have equal access to instruction, especially those students that are most at-risk.  She has a unique hands-on experience in the public school system as she served both as an administrator and a teacher in the local schools.  Way to go, Thelma!

Elections 2014 Review: Juge Moss Re-Elected District Judge in Nevada


BE PROUD Part 3: First time in FWN herstory: FWN members and FWN100™ Awardees who ran during the November 2014 cycle - for assembly representatives, district judge, city councils and school board elections all WON their seats.  This is just the beginning - watch these amazing women RISE!  Drum roll, please.

Re-Elected: Cheryl Nora Moss, US FWN100 '11, to District Court Judge of Clark County Nevada.  She defeated Travis Shetler receiving 63.4% of the votes. 

Many firsts in Nevada history: In 2000, Cheryl Nora Moss became the first Asian American District Judge elected.  First judge in Nevada to institute problem gambling assessments in child custody and divorce cases which she accomplished in her first year on the bench. Keep going, Judge Moss!